Passion's Quest

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In the time of silence
I saw a trace for my will to be

While in the remnants
of my heart
I saw them shine
through clouded eyes

In the depths of the night
I reach beyond
the brightest stars


And I touch your wings
with my remorse
As I drain my fountain of spring

My deepest reverence
My exposed serenity

From the depths of my boundless heart
I pledge myself to thee

My days of novelty have decayed
I find myself at the end of infinity
I gaze to see the angels...

ΥΓ.1 Το τραγούδι: "Passion's Quest" (μαζί με το ορχηστρικό - εισαγωγικό "Transition") από το εκπληκτικό ντεμπούτο των Winds "Reflections of the I". Ατμοσφαιρικό, ρομαντικό, νεοκλασικό heavy metal με την κιθάρα του Tidemann να "κελαηδάει" και τον Hellhammer (εδώ υπογράφει με το κανονικό του όνομα, Jan Axel Blomberg) στα τύμπανα. Guest φωνητικά από τον Drajevolitch...

ΥΓ.2 Ο δίσκος: Winds - "Reflections of the I"

Type: Full length
Release date: April 2002
Label: Avantgarde Music

ΥΓ.3 Η πρώτη εικόνα: πίνακας ζωγραφικής του Sir Francis Bernard Dicksee με τίτλο "Passion" (εναλλακτικός τίτλος "Leila"). Έτος δημιουργίας το 1892. Μία περιγραφή του πίνακα: 

«The position is a perfectly feasible one in Passion by Dicksee: no arm is stretched meaninglessly out into the air, the depiction of passion is undisturbed by anything whatsoever. See this beautiful female figure in red, conscious as the painter has made us also, of the power of the light of her red robe, which in this case equals the rising inner passion.»

ΥΓ.4 Η δεύτερη εικόνα: πίνακας ζωγραφικής του Sir Francis Bernard Dicksee με τίτλο "The End of the Quest". Έτος δημιουργίας το 1921. Μία περιγραφή του πίνακα: 

«A noted painter of stylish, highly-finished portraits of fashionable women, Sir Frank Dicksee has brought out brilliant paintings in great numbers. The End of the Quest is one among those paintings that reflect richness in skill and caliber. This oil painting by Dicksee reflect a historical and legendary scene.»

ΥΓ.5 Ο ζωγράφος: Sir Francis Bernard Dicksee. Άγγλος ζωγράφος (27 Νοεμβρίου 1853 - 17 Οκτωβρίου 1928). Το βιογραφικό του σύμφωνα με την wikipedia:

«Sir Francis Bernard Dicksee PRA, KCVO (27 November 1853 – 17 October 1928) was an English Victorian painter and illustrator, best known for his pictures of dramatic literary, historical, and legendary scenes. 

He also was a noted painter of portraits of fashionable women, which helped to bring him success in his own time. Dicksee was born in London, England. His father, Thomas Dicksee, was a painter who taught Frank as well as his brother Herbert and his sister Margaret from a young age.

Dicksee enrolled in the Royal Academy in 1870 and achieved early success. He was elected to the Academy in 1891 and became its President in 1924.[1] He was knighted in 1925, and named to the Royal Victorian Order by King George V in 1927. 

Dicksee painted The Funeral of a Viking (1893, Manchester Art Gallery), which was donated in 1928 by Arthur Burton in memory of his mother to the Corporation of Manchester. Victorian critics gave it both positive and negative reviews, for its perfection as a showpiece and for its dramatic and somewhat staged setting, respectively.»

Η κοινωνία του heavy metal τον γνώρισε όταν πίνακάς του ("The Funeral of a Viking") επιλέχθηκε ως εξώφυλλο του υπερέπους "Hammerheart" των (του) Bathory...

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